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Verizon Wireless Refunding $90 Million Data Charges to 15 Million Customers

Big Red is one of the hottest carriers in the US and that is because it has a sturdy lineage of some real high quality smartphones on offer. What just makes the telecommunications giant all the more special is that it wants to ensure that the experience with customers should be a rewarding one and if the cost is a ...

Verizon Palm Pixi Plus Owners Gearing Up For The Coveted webOS 1.4.5 Update

Big Red is finally ready to please the Palm Pixi Plus owners with the coveted webOs 1.4.5 update and although VZW hasn't yet endorsed the update arrival officially, there is a strong belief that the firmware upgrade arrival is just around the corner. Indeed, the update is slowly making it to handsets across the country and even Palm has the ...

Verizon Coming Out With Two New Motorola Android Phones this July

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Motorola and Verizon have signed a deal to distribute a new line of Android smartphones by Motorola. The Journal further states that the first release will be made in July, when two new Android smartphones will be introduced to the carrier.