August Movie Mania: Upcoming Bollywood releases

August Movie Mania: Upcoming Bollywood releases

Come August and it’s a gala time at the movies in Bollywood. August 2014 has some of the greatest re… ...
Sohini Mazumder 13 hours ago
Photos: Australian model Robyn Lawley strips to protest coal mining

Photos: Australian model Robyn Lawley strips to pr…

The Australian model, Robyn Lawley has taken up the pains of protesting against the coalmine project… ...
Apoorva Murarka 13 hours ago
Photos: Aishwarya Rai, SRK, Aamir Khan and Bachchans watch Kabaddi match

Photos: Aishwarya Rai, SRK, Aamir Khan and Bachcha…

What’s common between the Khans and the Bachchans is that they all love sports. Time and again, we h… ...
Apoorva Murarka 2 days ago
Malayali actors Dileep and Manju Warrier to file for divorce

Malayali actors Dileep and Manju Warrier to file f…

The Malayali star couple, Dileep and Manju Warrier tied the knot way back in 1998 when the happily m… ...
Apoorva Murarka 7 days ago
Video: Katrina, Hrithik sizzle in 'Bang Bang trailer

Video: Katrina, Hrithik sizzle in ‘Bang Bang trail…

High class stunts with some hot sizzling looks, the Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer, "Bang Ba… ...
Apoorva Murarka 1 week ago
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Credit Card Hoax; Rs 2 lakh Gone in 12 Hours

When Rikin Choksi, a businessman dwelling in Tardeo, Mumbai in India, woke up on December 14, it wasn’t a warm welcoming morning. He got punched in his face with an email notification from his private bank saying that his wife’s credit card had been swiped for more than Rs 2 lakh in 20 transactions across four continents within 12 hours of time!

Science & Tech


First Ever Bionic Man Built; Worth about $1 Million

Rex has almost everything a man has – a face, prosthetic limbs, a functional artificial blood circulatory system and organs like pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea. But still he is not human! Rex is the world’s first most complete bionic man, recently unveiled in London.



US Federal Reserve Confirms Hack in One of their Data Bases

Anonymous, a group of internet activists who claim to be behind the recent series of hacking on high profile US Government websites, has now confirmed to be also responsible for the security breach in the Federal Reserve.


Women’s World Cup 2013: India vs Pakistan cricket live score and highlights

After being out of the super-six league of the Women’s World Cup 2013, India and Pakistan will face each other for the 7th place play-off match at Cuttack on Feb. 7, 2013. The live scorecard can be seen here.



Mouse Ammunition for President Obama as Rights to Launch Preemptive Cyber Attacks Come By

The mouse could soon be a potent weapon in the hands of President Obama! In case a country is considered a cyber threat, US President Barack Obama can now decide on launching a preemptive cyber attack on that country. Going by the details of a secret review, President Obama can do so even if there isn’t any concrete evidence of such a threat!


credit card

Credit Card Scamsters Steal $200 Million By Way of Fake Identities

One of the largest credit card frauds of all time is being unravelled with as many as 18 people charged in the case. It has been reported that an amount to the tune of $200 million had been stolen by fraudsters who employed fake identities to dupe credit rating agencies.

Science & Tech


Samsung Galaxy Note Explodes, Injures Owner

Smartphone issues are nothing new. All high end mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, HTC, Motorola and Nokia have reported overheating issues. Well, the latest report talks of a mobile explosion from the Samsung camp.

Science & Tech


Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Delayed; Facebook Post Brings Bad News

Are you someone looking to purchase the amazing Lenovo ThinkPad Helix by the end of this month? Then here’s some bad news for you.

Science & Tech


Nokia Windows 8 Tablet in the Offing

You can’t deny the fact that tablet devices are getting a large number of admirers these days, especially since almost all top mobile phone makers are building them. The latest member to the tablet family is none other than a Nokia.


Gmail Users in India Can Now Hangout

Google+ Hangout services are now available to all Gmail users in India. These services allow Gmail users to add up to 9 people to a voice chat. Using Hangouts, Gmail users can watch YouTube videos with their friends, collaborate on Google Docs, or play games by adding apps from a menu.