What E-Books Can do During an Election Cycle

November 28, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Media do a whole lot when it comes to presidential elections. We have seen John F Kennedy, Barack Obama, and many others make the most out of TV, radio, and print news in election cycles.

What E Books Can do During an Election Cycle

But what about the books? Yes, Obama did that too, with the Audacity of Hope in 2008. And we will get to see a lot more of channeling of thoughts and ideas through books. As publisher Peter Cosnos says, it’s a virtue to get people to buy your books. It’s just the writer and the reader.

But there seems to be a better version of books than the physical ones. Yes the electronic books. There is neither a long publishing process involved, nor does the book published in the traditional way come with a heavy price tag. And thanks to Amazon, readers can directly interact with their readers.

In a way, e-books make things easier and have wide reach as well. Then why not go for it? The candidates can send out their messages more effectively. History has proven that early mastery of any new medium can give a candidate a discernible advantage in a given election cycle. This time e-book is the new medium to make the best out of. Fundraising is also possible with in-book or in-app payments.

If every other medium can be used for campaigning, then why not e-books? It might simply turn out to be the big advantage for the candidates.

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