Apple HDTV Rumored as Arriving in Mid-2012

November 24, 2011, By Sanjeev

When someone says Apple, we look for something new and amazing from the company’s stables. The latest Apple device now being discussed is their HDTV. Ever since a hint was extracted from the Steve Job’s biography, all are eagerly awaiting the first iOS-powered HDTV. The latest about the device is the rumored launch of it by the mid-2012.

Apple HDTV Rumored as Arriving in Mid 2012

Talking about the features, it is believed that the HDTV comes with the Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant – Siri – that made its debut on iPhone 4S. Jeff Robin, the creator of the iTunes and the co-helper of the original iPad is the intelligent man that leads the Apple HDTV project. Reports reveal that Sharp will supply the display panels for Apple’s HDTV. We also hear that the production of the television will start at a Sharp plant in Japan by February.

This is something the guys at Google will be worried about, as the company will be bringing their new HDTVs to the CES venue in January. Google, which was not successful with their HDTVs, has made partnerships with the electronics giants Samsung and LG for producing the new version of the Android powered devices.

We hope the foray of Apple into the television industry might bring a similar change that was seen by the introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Stay tuned to know more on the Apple HDTV.

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