Apple Gets Set to Out-Ship HP in 2012

November 22, 2011, By Sanjeev

Check this out. Apple will begin to sell more personal computers than current market HP sometime in H1 2012, if you go by what market watcher Canalys. Well, only if you add the iPad shipment to the total number.

Apple Gets Set to Out Ship HP in 2012

Canalys forecasts Apple could out-ship HP during Q4 2012, and would do so after the iPad 3 hits the stores. The new tablet is expected to go on sale sometime in Q1 2012.

Let’s talk about tablets now. By the end of 2011, tablet manufacturers would have shipped about 59million units and the numbers in Q4 2011 are expected to hit 22 million mark. And these numbers push the global PC shipments to reach 415 million units this year. That would be 15 percent more than the last year numbers.

The release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich was a bit too late for vendors to push more tablets in the market this year. Android 4.0 based tablets will arrive only in early 2012.

Canalys also says that PC shipments would be up by less than a single percentage point if there was no such thing as a tablet. It should also be noted that 65 percent of the personal computing devices that shipped in 2011 are mobile machines.

According to Canalys, the total laptop shipments will hit 211 million units in 2011, which is 10 percent more than last year.

Canalys says North America will account for 103 million PCs in 2011, which is 18 percent up from 2010. Coming to Europe, growth would be down six percent if it wasn’t for tablets.


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