Monolith iPhone Case Houses a Projector

October 18, 2011, By Sanjeev

This is something that could excite iPhone owners, big time! Japanese accessory maker Century has brought out their new Monolith iPhone case – complete with a projector.

Monolith iPhone Case Houses a Projector

The new case offers three main features -  a battery pack, a projector and protective case. What we get to see is an iPhone case that is a 1,900mAh battery and a mini projector rolled in one.

The projector is able to project images up to 60 inches with 640 x 360 resolutions. The images have 1000:1 contrast ratio and 12 lumens brightness. That makes them offer a better view in a dark environment. Videos and movies on the iPhone can be watched easier with the help of the projector, which gives a theatre like experience.

The battery pack gives more life to the phone. So an entire movie can be watched without any disturbance. The battery runs up to 50% longer than on its own and as a result draining of the phone’s battery gets reduced. The battery pack requires four hours to get fully charged.

Monolith iPhone Case Houses a Projector

The case also acts as a protective cover and makes iPhone damage-free. The material of the case is smooth and the design is sleek. These many features of the Monolith case makes it the best among the iPhone accessories, though the price is on the higher side.

You will be able to own one if you are willing to spend around $260. But wait before you get over excited – the  case is now available only in the Japan market.

Monolith iPhone Case Houses a Projector

Also, we aren’t very sure as to whether the new projector case can be used for the latest iPhone 4S.  We would like to have comments from our Japanese readers who have got to try this one.


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