RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Price Cut Likely

September 16, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Price Cut Likely If you did not manage to lay your hands on a cut-price HP Touchpad, do not get disappointed. Blackberry will soon follow suit with a similar move. Yes, the Blackberry PlayBook will be available at a reduced price as well.

Research in Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie (in picture) talked about the plans to offer price cuts on the BlackBerry PlayBook, during their second quarter earnings call.

Not many details were shared, except that the price cuts will be in the form of rebates.

The PlayBook was first revealed in September 2010, as a proud Apple iPad killer. But, when the slate arrived, no one could see why they should prefer a PlayBook over a supercool iPad.

The QNX-based BlackBerry PlayBook obviously does not stand a chance, as many others, against Apple’s iPad shipment of 9.25 million.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Price Cut Likely

Research in Motion has sold only 200,000 units of the slate into channels in the last quarter – about half a million below the expected numbers. They had sold 500,000 units in the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, hope you have heard HP has decided to discontinue the TouchPad production and held fire sales to finish off the stock.

Is RIM planning something similar?

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