Samsung Illusion to Ride Verizon

September 16, 2011, By Sanjeev

Samsung has an illusion to show you. No, not the magic trick; rather their new smartphone, Illusion, which they previewed on Flickr.

Samsung Illusion to Ride Verizon

Details regarding the gadget are scarce, although a flurry of rumors are making their way around in the mobile world. The preview displayed the SCH-I110 badge and the fact that the phone would be climbing the 3G tower for data.

The screen looks small with a resolution around 320×480, and Samsung will most probably infuse the smartphone with their recent TouchWiz interface for Android 2.3 that’s scaled down for handsets with small screens. The Illusion has got the Sustainable Product Certification as an eco-friendly phone under its belt.

There’s no confirmation on the type of processor it will be using, but it’s been narrowed down to either an 800MHz or a 1GHz processor. We might find it hosting a camera ranging from three-to-five megapixels.

The Illusion might be taken up by Verizon Wireless and the expected release window is around September 29. The carrier is likely to place it on market shelves with a price around $100 or less on a contract with option.

Customers who are looking for an affordable Samsung Android phone might find the Illusion worthy of considering.

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