Check Out the New Facebook Subscribe Feature

September 15, 2011, By Sanjeev

Ever dreamt of having the news feeds on your Facebook page more tailor-made? If you thought that’s never going to happen, you were simply wrong. The social networking site has added a new functionality to it, the Subscribe button. It allows users to have a better control of what they see from their friends in their news feed.

Check Out the New Facebook Subscribe FeatureThis is how it works. The new Facebook Subscribe button will be displayed on all your friends’ pages, and even on the profiles of other users who allow people to subscribe them. You can choose what you want to see from people in your news feed.

This means you can subscribe to figures you would not normally be able to. Updates from celebrities, journalists and other important people who you want to know more about will be right there on your news feed. You can also manage what others can hear from you, even if they are your friends.

This is more like a move to match up to Google Plus’ circles, thanks to that for making the process of adding friends much easier. Facebook seems to be aiming at making it easy for users to expand their social connections.

The new feature is not turned on by default. Visit the official subscribe page to switch it on and choose who can subscribe you.

Already done it? Let us know how good it is.

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