Samsung Bada 2.0 OS to Arrive on all Wave Handsets in Q4

September 12, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Of the entire range of Wave branded phones from Samsung, only the latest three were lucky enough to run the Bada 2.0 operating system the three being Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. But things are changing. Samsung has announced that Bada 2.0 will be available on the older range of Wave handsets as well.

Samsung Bada 2.0 OS to Arrive on all Wave Handsets in Q4

Do not expect a full-fledged Bada 2.0 in all the Wave devices, though. The cheaper handsets like the Wave 525 and the Wave 533 will not have the physical capability to do so.

Samsung has tweeted that the Bada 2.0 features for the older handsets could be different, depending on the device specification, such as CPU, memory size and the like.

However, handsets like the Wave I S8530 and the Wave II S8530 should be capable of supporting the complete package offered by Bada 2.0.

It looks like Samsung has gone ahead and decided to take a chance against the biggies like the Google Android and the iOS, with the Bada platform.

Samsung’s tweet says that the Bada 2.0 roll out will initially start in Europe sometimes in Q4 later this year and then gradually update through the rest of the world.

Hope that no good features will be missing when Bada 2.0 comes to your Wave phone.

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