MSI WindBOXIII Unveiled; Comes With Intel Core2 Duo

September 1, 2010, By Sanjeev

MSI has upgraded its WindBOX nettop PC to a higher level.  The upgrade of the popular device has been made to the third generation WindBOXIII with the ushering in of Intel Core2 Duo processor and the Mobile Intel GS45 Express chipset.

MSI WindBOXIII Unveiled; Comes With Intel Core2 Duo

The company has also brought in Intel I/O Controller Hub 9M so as to provide the latest low power into solid embedded applications.

The MSI WindBOXIII comes incorporated with admirable 3D graphics performance and is possible up to high definition of 1080P. The device will also support directX10, shader model 4.0 and Intel Clear Video Technology.

Among the most prominent features are the  built-in WiFi and Blue-Tooth Module, apart from the capabilities that offer multiple video output within HDMI and DVI-I with dual independent display .

The company has boosted I/O connectivity that covers multiple video output.

Likely to be picked up by customers who look for low power and cost-effective devices, the MSI  WindBOXIII has been designed in such a way that it supports VESA wall-mount interface and also digital signage.

We guess we will have to wait a bit more to know what is on the pricing front. Stay with us as we go hunting for more.

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