HTC Acquires Dashwire to Expand Cloud Services

August 6, 2011, By Sanjeev

HTC has expanded its kingdom with its purchase of a Seattle based mobile internet applications company, Dashwire Inc. This was done in a move to strengthen its mobile cloud based service offering.

HTC Acquires Dashwire to Expand Cloud Services

Dashwire builds backup, remote access and device synching. With the deal on, HTC can now develop an easy way to sync lots of other data including contacts, massages, calendars and voicemail, with the help of Dashwire’s software.

These functions are included apart from sharing documents, music, video and images between PCs, Macs and Android devices. HTC has not announced what plans it has with Dashwire yet, but some of its technology can be imbibed into developing newer versions of Sense.

Dashwire’s technology in combination with the could help in the creation of i-cloud’s equivalent. While the deal may be all about the betterment of the future HTC phones, there is another interesting side to the coin, and this is related to the HTC-Apple patent war.

The Seattle based company has roped in a set of patents related to mobile syncing a couple of months back. These could prove vital for HTC in its continuing lawsuits with Apple.

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