Apple Fake Stores in China

July 21, 2011, By Sanjeev

Counterfeit products are nothing new. But a fake showroom is not an everyday occurrence.

Apple Fake Stores in China

Kunming in China is the place that houses a fake store, and they are impersonating none other than Apple. This store was discovered in China by an American blogger who goes by the name BirdAbroad.

Its not just one but several little stores in Kunming that claims to be Cupertino’s. From the pictures, we see the resemblance is uncanny but look closely and you can find distinct bogus marks.

The prominent one is the name right outside the store. Apple’s stores never put up signs saying “Apple Store”; only the logo will be visible on storefronts.

Apple Fake Stores in China

And another store has misspelt the word totally. There are other stuffs too that give away the game.

For instance, the stairs were poorly made and the walls weren’t properly painted. The products inside though seemed legitimate, but we have nothing to believe that on.

The funniest thing is, Cupertino’s home page doesn’t even have a shop listing for Kunming. The chaps there must have gone to a lot of trouble to set the fake store up.

The difficulty of a company in exercising its judicial rights in China can lead to such incidents. We haven’t heard anything from Apple on the matter yet, and it needs to be seen whether the original will take any action against the duplicates.

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