Amazon to Roll Out Tablets Against iPad

July 14, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Amazon is once again out to get a bite of Apple. The company is setting out to launch a tablet that will rival Cupertino’s products.

Amazon to Roll Out Tablets Against iPad

Amazon’s main revenue source is its book selling business. With digital books, mobile apps and digital music in its quiver, the company has tried to, many times in the past, battle with Apple.

Now, with plans to release a Tablet in October, the Seattle Company is gearing up to race their rivals.  Amazon has been a trifle backward in its hardware department and with this new venture, they hope to fill that particular hole.

Both Cupertino and Amazon have been at each other’s throats in the past. Apple had sued Amazon in March, accusing the company of violating the trademark on the name “App Store”. Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader has also been at the receiving end of Apple Chief Executive, Steve Jobs’s jibes. He made fun of the product saying that few people read and that general-purpose devices like the iPad are superior to single-purpose ones.

But despite all the spite between them, both companies depend on each other for business. According to Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research analyst, “Amazon and Apple are frenemies (both friends and enemies). They rely on each other as partners but at the same time, they aggressively compete for customers’ attention and dollars.”

Though Amazon hopes to rival Apple in the tablet industry, it will be a tough road for them to journey. Apple is, at the moment, the undisputable leader of the tablet market with high sales of its iPad.

Amazon’s tablet is speculated to have a nine-inch screen and will most probably run on Google’s Android platform. It will differ from the iPad in that it won’t be sporting a shooter.

Amazon is expected to not design the initial tablet. It is, allegedly, outsourcing production to an Asian manufacturer. The pricing and distribution details are not yet divulged, so we are still in the dark regarding the particulars.

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