Nokia Begins Pulling Out of Japanese Market

July 2, 2011, By Sanjeev

Nokia has started their complete withdrawal from the Japan markets. The move to abandoning one of the most tech-conscious markets in the world does not come as a surprise, as the Finnish firm had started the procedure three years back. Nokia had stopped providing phones to the Japan carriers by 2008. Now, the company will be completely pulling out. They will take along with them all the high end phones designed for the Japanese market.

Nokia Begins Pulling Out of Japanese Market

Nokia currently only has their high-end Vertu phone stores in the Japanese arena. Vertu handsets cost 600,000 yen ($7,450) to 20 million yen ($248,354) each, with many editions of the phone ornamented with precious metals or traditional Japanese lacquer designs. Vertu phones were put out of sight with the sudden surge of smartphone industry.

The Vertu stores in Japan will close down by the end of July.

Moreover, Nokia’s phone service was run on network infrastructure chartered from NTT DoCoMo. This will be terminated when their agreement expires by the end of August.

However, Nokia offices will make it through the year to manage refunds and then bid farewell for the last time.

Nokia has started reconstituting their markets as their revenue got beaten down owing to the rise of smartphones from Apple and other makers. We are hoping all is well with Nokia.

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