Angry Birds Now on Your Windows Phone 7 Devices

June 29, 2011, By Sanjeev

Glad news folks! Your favorite Angry Birds game is out to play on your Windows smart phone. As you already know, Angry Birds was announced before the official launch of Windows 7 platform, and now it arrives on the platform to much applause.

Angry Birds Now on Your Windows Phone 7 Devices

It may also be recalled that the listing of Angry Birds in the app lineup when the promotion exercise for Windows Phone 7 happened, had ended up in dispute between Rovio and Microsoft. Finally they made up, and dated its release on May, which was later shifted to June.

With the new arrival of the game on the Windows Phone 7 platform, you can now have the bird slinger for $2.99 straight from Zune store or the marketplace.

Since its iOS release in December 2009, Angry Birds has sold over 12 million copies. Further, it had also seen more than 250 million downloads across multi platforms. This version also includes165 levels were we can experiment our own ways to revenge the pigs.

Tel us if you like the game when you get to play the game on  your Win Phone 7 device.

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