Panasonic Little Chip for Smart TVs Unveiled; Claims to be the Fastest

June 9, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Don’t go by just the size here. Panasonic has unveiled a small chip to the world of smart TVs, but it will be powerful enough to improve the performance and features of smart TVs with its powerful software processing capability. To meet the requirements of power hungry smart TVs, Panasonic has unveiled their new system LSI which, according to the company, brings both a high quality AV processor and a high speed CPU under one roof.

Panasonic Little Chip for Smart TVs Unveiled; Claims to be the Fastest

The new Unipher System LSI (MN2WS0220) from Panasonic is powerful enough to allow the users to enjoy two TV broadcasting stations simultaneously while allowing him or her to access internet based content and apps.

All these run at high resolution. As it gives out high quality power processing in smart TV equipments, the new system LSI will bring down the power consumption by 40 percent compared to last generation counterparts. It is expected to reduce the number of component items used in smart TV devices too.
The processor used in the LSI has proved effective in excellently handling high quality audio and video content.  It packs a 1.4 GHz dual core CPU (ARM Cortex-A9TM Dual) which is a high speed dual core processing machine with high performance in network applications.

With the special 3D graphics circuits integrated, it delivers the full HD resolution which is an essential feature of smart TVs.

All these features, coupled with the integrated audio and video codec, make it a single chip answer for all the requirements of a system LSI for an excellent smart TV. It will start shipping this month itself.

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