Asus Ubuntu 10.10 Netbooks in Markets this Month

June 3, 2011, By Sanjeev

Following their introduction of a new 10 inch mini laptop running Meego Linux, Asus has revealed their plans to roll out net books preloaded with Ubuntu 10.10. Asus might start rolling out the machines this month itself.

Asus Ubuntu 10.10 Netbooks in Markets this Month

Ubuntu Operating Systems were popular in the early days of net books in the industry. Keeping the costs down was an important concern since net books were way too costly in their production in late 2007.

Being open source and free, Ubuntu was a practical option to keep the price tags down for net book manufacturers. So almost every net book used to ship with Ubuntu preloaded at that time.  Since it needed very less space to operate, the comparatively low spaced net books found an edge in using this open source OS for their business.

However, the new announcement by Asus makes it a revamp for Ubuntu since new net books have made it a rule to have Windows 7 or other Windows platforms with them while hitting the market. Asus, however, is going to defy this rule with its Eee PC 1001PXD, Eee PC 1011PX and Eee PC 1015PX.

However, many observers have frowned upon Asus’s decision to include Ubuntu 10.10, since the latest version of the OS is Ubuntu 11.04. Though Asus has not made any response on the version of Ubuntu, it is believed that the company has given more preference to stability of the version. Well, what do you think of the Ubuntu netbooks?

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  • robotnO

    Everything Linux is great.. And even greater is the ones with MeeGo..

  • Foo Bar

    I’ve been waiting for this! Cool!