Nokia C2-00 Rolled Out With Easy Swap Support

May 24, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Looks like Nokia intends to reclaim some of its lost status in the feature phones category, post their poor show during the past quarter. It’s true that the world is passing through a smartphone revolution, but nothing stops Nokia from introducing the C2-00.

Nokia C2 00 Rolled Out With Easy Swap Support

Now, let’s just envisage what the entire phone has in store for us. To begin with, the way you insert the SIM card inside is quite distinctive in contrast to the whole lot of other feature phones. The Easy Swap concept which is available only on Nokia handsets is alluring, indeed.

When one SIM card can be stored internally, the second SIM card can be accessed easily through a slot which can be found in the side. The bottom-line is that there is no need to switch phones in order to change SIM cards.

We can’t suggest a better model for folks who can’t afford two phones, but want to have two SIM cards. This model is most surely offered towards developing countries than advanced societies. Actually, there are cases when a family gets to have only one mobile. In such a condition, the Nokia C2-00 is your best option.

Powered by the Series 40 operating system which will be accompanied by a VGA camera, MMS messaging support, an SD memory card slot and Ovi Life Tools, the Nokia C2-00 is crammed with all the possible basic features that you can think about. A mere €45 can get you one in hand. Going for it? Tell us if you are.

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