Fujitsu Celsius H910 and H710 Mobile Workstations Unveiled

May 23, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Adding two more excellent machines to their mobile workstation solutions, Fujitsu has unwrapped Celsius H710 and H910 models for the market. Claiming to be delivering the portability of a laptop and high process-rendering abilities of desktop workstations, the duo has been designed to meet the growing demand of the market to have powerful portable machines.

Fujitsu Celsius H910 and H710 Mobile Workstations Unveiled

The Celsius H910 comes with a 17.3 inch display and the power of Intel Core i-series processors. It gives the options of i5 and i7 with Intel vPro technology to choose between the processing powers. To give it high end graphic processing power, it packs NVIDIA Quadro 4000M or 3000M Graphic Processing Unit with 336 or 240 CUDA cores. Coupled with these powerful innards, Celsius H910 packs 32 GB RAM to make it an efficient workstation.

Its sibling, the H710, is a little smaller with a 15.6 inch display, but gives the similar options in processing power as H910. It integrates WiFi, Bluetooth and UMTS service. However, it packs only 16 GB of RAM. The GPU here is NVIDIA 1000M Quadro graphics with 96 CUDA cores.

Though the machines seem powerful with their specifications, Fujitsu is yet to reveal their pricing. Though they are saying that the machines are available now, the pricing varies based on region and configuration. However, there is less chance that you find these workstations cheaper.

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