HTC Flyer Early Sales Help Bring In Optimism; Lines Up Future

May 19, 2011, By Sanjeev

HTC seems to be feeling nothing but optimism about the future of slates in the tech market. Making the optimistic expectations public, the company’s European head has been quoted as saying that HTC is making good bucks on its latest slate HTC Flyer. The current market trend of the tablets hints that a bigger show is yet to come out in the future, it is being said.

HTC Flyer Early Sales Help Bring In Optimism; Lines Up Future

Claiming that the early sale of HTC Flyer was satisfactory and more promising, he even went on to share his dream about the future. The educational aspects and applications of tablets will help give more leverage to the slate market in the world- a point which has made many rivals to design special slates meant for students. HTC feels that the schools will replace paper textbooks witch tablet based study materials in a span of five years.

If things go that way, not only HTC, but its rivals too will be reaping a harvest from the school market. However, to be tactically safe, the official kept tight lipped about his companies plans to develop a 10 inch Honeycomb tab with 4G LTE capabilities.

The HTC official did make a positive comment on Nokia’s move to wed windows Phone platform too. HTC, who made a similar move earlier, has got more legitimacy as Nokia followed suit. HTC is eyeing at the leverage the new relationship will give to Windows Phone 7 platform in the market which will help push their products too.

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