PocketBook IQ eBook Reader To Debut At IFA Berlin

August 23, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

With the advent of the tablet form factor which so effortlessly have incorporated the eBook reading capability, the world, it seems, has stopped talking about the eBook readers.

What is to be done to revive the portable technology which once was a widely discussed gadget.

PocketBook it seems has found an answer to this problem as it now intends to shrink the eBook reader size with Android onboard.

PocketBook IQ eBook Reader To Debut At IFA Berlin

The problem though could be the nomenclature (PocketBook) as the IQ eBook sizes will range between 6 to 10 inches and that size can definitely take apart your pocket.

Suppose to break cover at the IFA Berlin, PocketBook will be showcasing the 7-inch variant which is to be powered by Android 2.0.

While the other features still remain undisclosed for the IQ eBook 7-inch option, it will be blessed with WiFi and Bluetooth.

We will have more for you on this, when we have the complete details after the IFA unveiling. An Android blessed eBook does sound very interesting!

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