NEC VersaPro Windows Slate to Charm Japanese Tablet Freaks

May 12, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Japan’s tablet lovers can now go all Windows. The realization that the Japanese crowd had been waiting for a Windows tablet seems to have spurred NEC to come up with their new VersaPro VK 15V/TM-C tablet. Powered by a super fast 1.5GHz Oak Trail Atom Z670 processor, the tablet is run by Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit OS.

NEC VersaPro Windows Slate to Charm Japanese Tablet Freaks

Other specifications on the NEC VersaPro Windows 7 tablet include a HDMI, an SDEC card slot, and also a 10.1 inch wide display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The 2GB of DDR RAM will allow enable access to an ample number of programs without much effort. The internal memory is abundant enough by way of a 64 GB Solid State Drive. In the wireless connectivity and networking department, the gadget grants an integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. From the given design and the added “Pro” tag in the name of the product, we could make an obvious speculation that the product is chiefly meant for business purposes just like the other Windows slates.

The tablet however doesn’t offer the most adventurous design, but might gratify you with a high level of performance. One feature that makes us fall in love with the tablet is that it guarantees elevated level of security, akin to any  typical Windows PC.

NEC Japan has stated that this flat tablet PC will be coming to Japan later this summer in September. Unfortunately, we don’t have info on the product’s release dates in the US and also the price list for the Japan launch. We are lingering around to spot whether Japan accepts Windows or not, though our foresight suggests they would. What do you feel?

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