Microsoft Bringing Skype Into Their Fold; For $8.5 Billion

May 10, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

We all are very well aware how useful Skype is. Many people communicate with their kin around the world using the service offered. Now, how many of you would want to cheer up or feel depressed to know Microsoft has actually snapped up Skype for around $8 billion?

Microsoft Bringing Skype Into Their Fold; For $8.5 Billion

Well, the deal is thought – by at least a few out there – as an overpayment by Microsoft for the internet phone provider. This is Microsoft’s biggest purchase of another company since it paid $6 billion for aQuantive in 2007.

It is believed that Microsoft will be integrating the service into products such as the Xbox 360 and Kinect systems. Some even think that Skype will be used with Windows Phone 7 app and merged into the OS of the mobile.

The amount paid by Microsoft has come under scrutiny as eBay back in 2005 had purchased Skype for just $2.6 billion, but sold off 70% back in 2007. If Microsoft did pay $8.5 billion to get Skype then eBay should be getting around $2.4 billion.

As a matter of fact, Skype already has reported debts of $686 million which Microsoft will take over as part of the deal. The service has around 663 million users but most of its services’ are free.

Something that has to be seen is how Microsoft would be using Skype. Is it going to be a replicate of the Google Voice or something new? We are ready to wait and we are expecting a surprise. What are your expectations?

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