RIM BlackBerry PlayBook May Usher in Hulu Service Again

April 26, 2011, By Sanjeev

Research In Motion, the BlackBerry PlayBook maker, is trying to add the lost color back to the life of the playbook users. In a move to woo more customers and to keep pace with the competitors who already offer access to video streaming services, Research In Motion is in talks with Hulu about striking a deal to offer PlayBook users access to Hulu’s video content on line.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook May Usher in Hulu Service Again

As part of the launch of the new subscription plan Hulu Plus, the video streaming company has blocked the access enjoyed by the PlayBook users earlier. Hulu plus costs $7.99 per month as subscription fee. With the blockade from Hulu, Research In Motion found their product – BB PlayBook – less shining in the markets against Apple’s iPad and iPhone which give access to Hulu content through software applications.

In a bid to provide full browsing experience to its users, PlayBook has opted for an excellent browser than such software applications which allow enhanced browsing experience even while accessing video streaming services. But the decision to opt out of the software applications which help Apple products to still access Hulu content proved foolish in the long run.

However, Research In Motion hopes to solve the problems by making some deal with Hulu. Till then, PlayBook owners will have to live without the Hulu content in their life.

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