OGT ‘Slimmest Ever’ Android Tablet Set for Roll Out (Video)

April 20, 2011, By Sanjeev

Ever imagined what you would feel like if you have the slimmest ever Android tablet in your hands? Going by the claims of a new tablet maker, the slimmest Android tablet, christened OGT tablet, is all set to roll out into the market soon. Awesomely thinner and lighter than an Apple iPad 2, it has not yet got a challenger to its claims of being the slickest Android slate in the planet.

OGT ‘Slimmest Ever’ Android Tablet Set for Roll Out (Video)

Though ultra-thin with just 7 mm in thickness, the OGT Tablet is behind no one in technical specifications. It sports a 1 GHz CPU to run the show faster and smoother. With a flash memory of 16 GB or 32 GB, it sports a 188 ppi display. Here it overtakes the much hyped iPad 2 which sports a display of just 132 ppi.

The device from OGT is rich with its camera eyes. The 5 mega pixel camera on the rear helps capturing still pictures as well crystal clear videos. The 3 mega pixel camera on the front may be a little more than what you expect for a tablet cam meant for video calls. As it comes with two versions which differ in its internal storage, it has the Wi-Fi and 3G models also. To say the least, all these models sport a microSD card slot too.

Though the official website is just a trick to add more suspense to the imminent launch, the video posted below will let you know more about the slimmest Android tablet which expects a release in the near future.

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