Motorola Xoom 16 GB 4G LTE Tablet Rumored to Head for Verizon

April 11, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

A leaked screen shot from the Big Red has revealed something to cheer about for tablet lovers. The latest leak from Verizon hints that a 16 GB version of one of the most favorite Honeycomb tablets now available in the market is about to surface. The device is none other than a 16 GB version of the most celebrated Motorola Xoom tablet.

Motorola Xoom 16 GB 4G LTE Tablet Rumored to Head for Verizon

As per the leak, the 16 GB version is no different than the original Motorola Xoom with 32 GB of internal storage space except in the storage capacity. As the Xoom Wi-Fi only version was announced less than a month ago, there were rumors about a 16 GB version surfacing sometime in the future.

With the leaked screen shot from Verizon now out, the rumor has got an unofficial confirmation. The new 16 GB version of the Motorola Xoom, like its 32 GB counterpart, is also 4G upgradable.

However, the leak gives no idea about the pricing of the device. The usual price range of Wi-Fi only slates with a similar storage is in the range of $400-$450. Since the new guy is heard to be 4G upgradable, it is very less likely to have a price in that range.

We feel the new device might come with an additional price of $100 to what the Wi-Fi only Xoom is presently offered. That puts it around $699. However, contract agreements can bring the price down. A two year agreement can even take away $200 off the price which makes it an affordable slate.

Motorola Xoom 16 GB 4G LTE Tablet Rumored to Head for Verizon

Well, having said that, multiple sources are hinting the chances of a Wi-Fi only Xoom slate from Motorola with identical storage capacity also surfacing in the market. If it happens, it will be the toughest challenge to the basic slates, like the Acer Iconia.

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