Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets Thinner ‘to beat Apple iPad 2’

March 24, 2011, By Sanjeev

In case you –  at least once –  thought that Samsung makes their devices just to have a leg up over Apple, we guess you were right. The company themselves seem to be admitting that. Let us try and explain that in a more convincing manner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets Thinner ‘to beat Apple iPad 2’

Once you see the updated Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will have a feeling that the device has cut down the size keeping the Apple market share in mind.

Yes indeed, Samsung Mobile executive Omar Khan has been quoted as saying that the updated Tab 10.1 has been made thinner so as to beat Apple in their own game.

Khan has reportedly told AllThingsD that the technology to make the device thinner was being developed, but with the arrival of the iPad2, the whole process had to be accelerated.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets Thinner ‘to beat Apple iPad 2’That explains why the new model is 8.6mm thick – that is 0.2mm thinner than the iPad 2. The device is, in fact, 2.3mm thinner than the model Samsung had showcased at Barcelona when the Mobile World Congress was underway a few days ago.

Nothing much has been shared as to how the thinning has been effectively undertaken.

But market demand has sure made Samsung go for such a move – and see what a charmer they brought to the CTIA podium.

However, the model will take some time before it actually hits retail. Are you among those waiting to play with the down sized tablet? Tell us why!


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  • Tim

    Would be nice if Samsung didn’t distort the truth about things. Turns out its not thinner.

  • Monarky

    Hogwash!!! They made thinner by incorporating their own newest technology to make it so!

    1. The new Ultra Flexible, Ultra Thin, Ultra Strong material is the future of plastic and in case you haven’t heard via NASA Space Technology, Plastic is in… especially when it’s space age thin and ultra durable. The new back cover is “INCREDIBLY” perfect for a tablet PC!!!

    2. Samsung just finished taking Embedded memory modules for Ram to a new level of thinness. Ultra Thin 30nm in a 1gig and still coming amazing 2gig packages. This and getting their yields up on Exynos processor package for this ultra thinness that Apple can’t do without Samsung’s help!

    So it’s thinner, that wasn’t a big deal until that’s all you iCrAppleholics could claim was better than the competition. Just get over it…. lol…. Apple has been beat fair and square at their own game!!! ^_^

  • Abdul Vahid V

    But Apple is in legal wars with Samsung for copying the style of its iPads. ……