White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Soon for $599.99 Off-Contract; Retailer Tag on Display

February 7, 2011, By Sanjeev

We know all you Apple fans out there have been very impatiently looking forward to playing with the iPhone 4 that has been dipped in white. So much has been already written about the impending arrival of the device, but a clear date has never been forthcoming. The latest we have for you is that the phone is ready for roll out.

White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Soon for $599.99 Off Contract; Retailer Tag on Display

The device is headed for retailer Best Buy, and we guess the tag guys at Engadget found at a Best Buy store in Houston is testimony to this. The tag said the White iPhone 4 on AT&T would come for $599.99, off contract. Now, that is the same price as the Black version.

The phone had been spoken about as coming in a few weeks from now.

The Best Buy tag cements this belief. Remember, a source at Vodafone UK confirming sometime ago that the White iPhone 4 would be hitting stores in Europe in March.

With the latest Best Buy tag being shown, we need to gear up for purchase of the phone, may be by February 27.

Keep your $599.99 ready to pick the Apple iPhone 4 White model sans any contract. We guess, that could also mean that the device that would ride the AT&T and Verizon carrier waves with a two-year contract could be priced similar to the Black model.

Are you getting yours?

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