ViewSonic VS13727 All-in-One PC Pushed Through FCC Gates; Launch Likely Soon

January 24, 2011, By Sanjeev

The upcoming all-in-one from monitor-maker ViewSonic, christened VS13727, has knocked at FCC doors, giving us expectations of a possible launch some time soon. Though the FCC document does not give away much in terms of specs, we are forced to believe that the device would, indeed, come with a handful of features.

ViewSonic VS13727 All in One PC Pushed Through FCC Gates;  Launch Likely Soon

Going by the photos we stumbled upon, the new ViewSonic VS13727 is an absolutely new look at ViewSonic’s technology, and the device comes with a top of the line bezel. An Intel logo makes the device even more noteworthy, considering that the company doesn’t want users to think AMD runs the PC. Completing the picture are two USB ports, plus input/output and connectivity options. There is a slot for HDMI out too.

Don’t assume that the device has been built to take on other majors already ruling the market. The device does not come with looks that can kill. Going by ViewSonic’s standards, the product doesn’t look lacking on any count. The make up of the device shows that ViewSonic has done some extensive market study. You may have qualms over the not-too-slim vitals, but considering that the device is another all-in-one machine, you will have to put up with the size.

And, significantly, the ViewSonic VS13727 could come comparatively low priced too. It would be here that the company would want to score against the peers.  We do not know what the final price of the new upcoming all-in-one PC is, but we are sure it will be competitively priced.

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