T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 Pricing Info Termed ‘Incorrect’

January 21, 2011, By Sanjeev

Those who were here a few hours ago would have read our update on the T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 pricing leak. We know you all had been readying that amount of money so as to pick the device as early as you can. But then, here comes the truth! Don’t expect the T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 for $330. That’s what the carrier seems to say.

T Mobile Dell Streak 7 Pricing Info Termed Incorrect

As soon as the leak on pricing started floating on the web, T-Mobile thought they should do some damage control by issuing a clarification. The carrier has dismissed the talk of a $330 pricing must have originated from some Equipment Installment plan information given at the bottom of the tablet’s information page.

Calling it a technical error and incorrect information, the carrier seems to do some damage control before the news spreads. The leaked info, as you have read, had hinted at the possible availability of the T-Mobile Dell Streak 7 for $330, on contract.

However, T-Mobile hasn’t yet come out with the planned pricing details. We just wonder why. It would have been better if the company had given customers at least some tentative pricing details so that we get something to look forward to.

We just hope T-Mobile will announce the pricing plan soon.  From what we had seen at the CES venue a few days ago, the Dell Streak 7 is a charmer with a WVGA capacitive touchscreen, Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and support for T-Mobile USA’s HSPA+ network. All these for what price is something we would like to know now.

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