Torrent Containing 100 Leaked Facebook Pages Now Spreading

July 28, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

Torrent Containing 100 Leaked Facebook Pages Now SpreadingAn employee of skull Security, Ron Bowes, has managed to harvest the Facebook pages for about 100 million users – roughly 1/5 of the site’s total users – and packed them in a single torrent file spanning 2.8 GB of data.

The torrent is now being spread to various torrent websites, though there doesn’t seem to be that much interest in it from users.

The interesting thing about the situation is the fact that it’s all legal – the data was collected using a scraper which complied to Facebook’s terms of service completely, but it still brings up a few questions to know that someone is currently seeding a torrent containing your own personal data.

The torrent apparently contains some more sensitive details as well, like e-mail addresses and phone numbers, though only for those users that have chosen to make them available in the first place, so you shouldn’t feel too alarmed by it.

Source: Engadget

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