Kodak Playsport & Playfull Pocket Camcorders Unveiled

January 11, 2011, By Sanjeev

Kodak unveiled its new pocket camcorder, the compact Playfull model, and a modified version of the already existing Playsport at the CES 2011. While both can capture full HD videos sizing up to 1920x1080p at 30 frames per second, each are designed for different purposes.

Kodak Playsport & Playfull Pocket Camcorders Unveiled

The Playsport, now the Zx5 model, measures in at 58.2 x 111.9 x 17.7mm and can be an easy fit into your pocket. It uses SD/SDHC, and provides USB and HDMI connectivity for displaying the recorded videos on the big screen.

It is intended to be tough and sporty, and it is water resistant up to 3 meters and moreover shockproof and dustproof. The Zx5 features a 2 inch screen on the rear and is also available in a set of brilliant covers.

Playfull is more of a neat and compact pocket camcorder and measures 41.7 x 100 x 17.2mm and has a 1.5 inch screen on the back.

Kodak Playsport & Playfull Pocket Camcorders Unveiled

The USB connector is tucked away on the top of the device and it also has a HDMI port just like the Zx5 model. It doesn’t have the built of the Playsport, but makes up for it in its looks by offering itself in a unique brushed metal finish.

It is expected that the Playsport will cost £179 in the UK, when it arrives in April. The Playfull will also be available in April, and might have a price tag around £149.

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