Samsung 256GB 470 Series SSD Review

December 10, 2010, By Sanjeev

Recently we came across a new Solid State Drive from Samsung which can be a best fit in your laptops. The 470 series of Samsung SSD, with its high-performance, is capable of giving much competition to the existing SSD brands in the market despite having a heavy price tag.

Samsung 256GB 470 Series SSD Review

Well, here we may say that the storage capacity goes hand-in-hand with aesthetics and high performance. With a glossy plastic and brushed metal finish, the 470 series SSD from Samsung comes with 256GB, 128GB and 64GB versions. With 2.5 inch size, the model comes with a 3 GB/s SATA interface which allows fast data transfers.

The SSDs in the 470 series is capable of providing 250 MB/s read rates. But the positive news is that it offers a write speed of 220 MB/s, unlike many other SSDs available in the market. When active, it consumes 0.24 W and 0.14 W of power while passive.

When we tried our hands on the 256GB 470 Series SSD on a comparative test, this cute drive didn’t disappoint us. On a Windows 7 PC, we have found it showcasing satisfactory performance with an optimal balance between writing speeds and reading speeds.

The other drives which we tried with different types of files were more proficient at giving higher reading speeds but showed lower writing speeds.

The optimal balance between the writing as well as reading speeds, in our experience, gives the Samsung SSDs in the 470 series a cutting edge over other competitors when handling larger files.

On the negative side, first and foremost, it’s not a cheap drive. The 256GB SSD comes at a hefty $520. But all good stuff is costly in life. Another negative side is its less impressive performance with Mac machines. Its TRIM support helps you only on Windows 7 or similar machines. You don’t get it with Mac machine since Mac OS X doesn’t support the TRIM technology. So it may not be a sweet pie for Mac users.

Well, as the bottom line, what we feel is that, for those of you who are looking for performance, and if you don’t care spending some bucks for that, this is the right choice for you. For others, who want some flexibility with the price, we suggest the 128GB version which comes at $260. We won’t suggest you to go and get the 64GB, though it costs just $130. That’s too small for a go. Now it’s your turn, think and decide.

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