Google Chrome Notebooks Destroyed to Highlight Benefits of Cloud (Video)

December 10, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

As you might know, Google had introduced its Cr-48 Chrome OS notebooks a few days ago for a wide scale testing project of the Chrome operating system. Now Google has released a new video of the Chrome notebook. But we must warn you, the video might be unbearable for a few of you who are planning to get your hands on the new machine.

Google Chrome Notebooks Destroyed to Highlight Benefits of Cloud (Video)

Google seems to be marketing the new notebook by highlighting the benefits of cloud storage. The benefit of cloud storage is that you will be able to easily access your documents from various notebooks and won’t have to worry again about data loss.

In the video, which is also a tutorial on the various methods of destroying your laptop, 25 of the new laptops are destroyed to prove the importance of cloud storage.

You can check out the video that shows Google Chrome designer Glen Murphy using his Chrome notebook to type a note to a friend. The notebooks that he uses are destroyed in several dramatic ways. But because his information isn’t stored on the device itself, he is able to pick up right where he left off.

So even if you end up losing your notebook due to theft or an accident, you’ll definitely be able to easily retrieve your data without much trouble. Google ends the video by saying that no data was lost by the destruction of all those laptops.

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