Tata Nano New Buyers & Existing Owners Offered ‘Free 4-Year or 60,000km Warranty’

December 9, 2010, By Sanjeev

Sales of the small car, which  every one once fell in love with, has been dwindling, forcing maker Tata Motors to announce a new guarantee offer for the vehicle.  The world’s cheapest car has been going through a steady fall in sales of late. Significantly, November 2010 figures showed a sale of only 509 cars.

Tata Nano New Buyers & Existing Owners Offered ‘Free 4 Year or 60,000km Warranty’

In a bid to up sales, Tata Motors is now offering buyers as well as existing owners a free four-year or 60,000km warranty. The lowest monthly sales figure comes as surprise to the company who had unveiled the Tata Nano with much extravaganza.

November figures have been dismal for the Nano, and this had come as part of a string of low sales performances. In case you remember, Tata Motors had sold as any as 9,000 cars during last July.

Tata Motors sells the basic model of the Nano for around $2,500. The low sales are being attributed to factors such as incidents of the car catching fire. The car maker had offered free safety upgrades following reports that around 6 cars caught fire.

The company now hopes to regains some lost ground with the new warranty offers. We just hope the cheapest car in the world survives in the market for long. Tell us what you think about the Tata Motors latest offer for the Nano.

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