Lok Sabha 2014 Opinion Poll: BJP to win the maximum number of seats

February 17, 2014, By Anupam Jolly

With just a few months left for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in India, media houses are busy carrying on opinion polls that might suggest the number of seats each political party might win.

Lok Sabha 2014 Opinion Poll: BJP to win the maximum number of seats

According to the recent survey, which was carried out by Times Now-CVoter, the second largest political party in India, BJP, could well win its highest ever seats in the Lok Sabha, and the country’s largest political party, Indian National Congress, could end up just 89 seats, which is the lowest ever for the party.

The poll has predicted that the BJP alone could win up to 202 seats, and its allies another 25, giving the National Democratic Alliance 227 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha.

In sharp contrast, the Indian National Congress could end up with just 89 seats, and its allies might have to suffice with just 12 seats, giving the UPA, around 101 seats.

Other political parties in the country are expected to win around 215 seats, and since many of them have been favoring BJP in the past, Mr. Narendra Modi, the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate might become the country’s next PM.

Among other political parties, which are currently not with the BJP and the Congress, such as AIADMK and the left, could win 27 seats, with BSP winning 21, SP winning 20 and Trinamool Congress winning 24 seats.

The sharp decline in the projected tally for Congress, is definitely due to the collapse of the second tenure of the political parties in the Lok Sabha. Indian voters are definitely showing the Congress the exit door due to the steep price rise and a range scams.

On the other hand, the Modi-led BJP is expected to be rising virtually in all states of the country, with the party expected ot bag a large number of seats in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

The newly formed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which has been in the news, is expected to win around seven seats, including three seats in Delhi and one each in Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and the union territories.

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