Was Akash Ambani driving the Aston Martin sports car that killed two in Mumbai?

December 20, 2013, By Marian Dumitri

The hit-and-run accident case involving a Reliance-registered Aston Martin Rapide sports car (MH-01- BK99) is raging on social media networks, with most of the posts blaming the Mumbai Police’s shoddy attitude regarding the probe.

Was Akash Ambani driving the Aston Martin sports car that killed two in Mumbai?


The accident that occurred on Peddar Road in Mumbai had claimed two people and injured six others. The Mumbai Police now say that no one died in the mishap.

According to Daily Bhaskar on December 18, the whereabouts of the person who was driving the car is still unknown. There have been reports that suggested that the driver was none other than Akash Ambani, the son of Reliance Industries president Mukesh Ambani.

He was allegedly drunk when he was behind the wheel, say other reports. This mystery young man is said to have fled the scene in one of the cars that were accompanying the Aston Martin.

The police in the meantime is allegedly taking a cool approach to the whole case and this has given rise to many a question being raised on many platforms, such as social media and the like.

The Dailymail wrote, “On the evening of December 8, a customised Aston Martin worth Rs.4.5 crore registered to the Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Ports under number MH 01 BK 99, was cruising down Pedder Road in Mumbai’s posh South Bombay suburb, when the driver lost control.

“The car was going at such high speed that it banged into an Audi being driven by a Ghatkopar resident – a 25-year-old MBA student called Foram Ruparel – causing the car to jump the divider and hit an oncoming bus.

“The next day a Reliance driver Bansilal Joshi, 55, and weighing 100kgs, who had worked with the company for around 30 years, and who claims to have been entrusted with driving Mukesh’s son Akash Ambani around, turned up at the Gamdevi police station to confess that he had taken the car for a test drive on Sunday morning, and had crashed it. While the police recorded his statement, a number of factors raised suspicions:

“First, why were two security details following a car driven by a chauffeur and not a family member.

“Second, no chauffeur would drive a Rs.4 crore Aston Martin at over 100km per hour when followed by a security detail.”

There are also rumors that this car was presented to Sachin Tendulkar by the Ambani’s.

With all the websites like ZEE News and NDTV deleting the story. Will the truth finally come out?

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