‘Krrish 3′ Movie Review and Box-Office Collection Prediction

October 31, 2013, By Marian Dumitri

“Krrish 3” is in news for long time and the movie is to hit the theatre on November 1, 2013. The movie is expected to add another feather in the crown of Roshans and would come out to be another addition to a long success story that began with Bollywood science fiction film “Koi Mil Gaya” a decade ago.

The movie is expected to release in 4000 plus screens in India, has already crossed 40-50 % advance booking occupancy in multiplexes across the country.

The movie will have 180 plus shows daily in all metros in the country. With such a mammoth release, the movie is sexpected to collect atleast 25-28 crores on the 1st day and cross Rs 110 crores in its first weekend.

Krrish 3 Movie Review and Box Office Collection Prediction

With “Koi Mil Gaya”, one of the most lucrative franchises came to the fore in India and the Bollywood got second science fiction in “Krrish 2” in 2006.

With the passage of time, the franchise made a considerable growth to become better with each movie as the scale, budget as well as character not only became better but also took a giant leap.

What the franchise comes up with now is the third movie in the trilogy or Bollywood sci-fi movie, “Krrish 3” which is one of the most expensive movies ever produced in India.

The plot in the movie remains the same – noble versus vice. However, the Roshan Sr. have connected the plot to the earlier movies, revamped and bettered it so that it doesn’t look confusing or people aren’t lost to connect the incidents with the earlier movies.

Box-Office Collection report
Total Worldwide CollectionsRs. 242.19 crores
Friday - 1st dayRs. 25.20 crores
Saturday - 2nd dayRs. 23.20 crores
Sunday - 3rd DayRs. 24.30 crores
Monday - 4th dayRs. 36 crores
Tuesday - 5th dayRs. 26.26 crores
Wednesday - 6th dayRs. 18.11 crores
Thursday - 7th dayRs. 13.44 crores
Friday - 8th dayRs. 9.16 crores
Saturday - 9th dayRs. 14.23 crores
Sunday - 10th dayRs. 16.35 crores
Domestic Total
Rs. 206.19 crores
Overseas CollectionsRs. 36 crores

One will also find in the latest instalment that Roshan Sr. has added loads of evil characters against the superhero and lots of visual effects to match those from Hollywood.

What makes “Krrish 3” stand out is the fact that an extremely powerful antagonist who is the blend of man and animal and has created an army of mutants heads the evil and this half man half animal aspects makes “Krrish 3” different from others.

The movie starts after Krishna defeats the villain Dr. Siddhant Arya played by Naseeruddin Shah in “Krrish 2”. Krishana brings his father Rohit (Hrithik Roshan] back from the dead.

However, Krishan continues to fight evil to save society from it, while Rohit continues to exploit his scientific knowhow for the benefit of society.
However, the forces of dark, represented by Kaal (played by Vivek Oberoi), continue to develop and become powerful in the other part of the world.

Kaal is an evil genius and is supported by the evil beings that he has created himself to spread destruction and death.
Krishana and Rohit find themselves against the evil that tests the mettle of both.

The protagonists cross the roads with Kaal and his army and come out victorious from the crises of epic proportions that no one else but only they can solve.

Hrithik Roshan has met the challenge to portray the characters (Rohit as septuagenarian and his young son Krishana) differently with sound modulations and physical attributes. The motive, with perfect plot and characters played by Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi et el, is all set to set new records on box office.

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan expects the movie to make Rs 1000 crores at the box-office. But its unlikely to get even close to it.

Watch the trailer:

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