TDK CLEF-P Sound Tuning Series Earphones Launched

November 15, 2010, By Sanjeev

TDK has launched its CLEF-P Sound Tuning Series earphones that promise to deliver a better experience for the users with its enhanced set of features. The company has built this new-line of earphones from high-quality aluminum. This will provide strength as well as enhance the sound quality of the device.

TDK CLEF P Sound Tuning Series Earphones Launched

The company has brought three set of models into the market. Each pair claims to be delivering a different sound dynamic with the stand alone features.

The Vocal Tuning model helps to enhance the vocals during the recordings and they have designed the Live Tuning model to reproduce a live-rock sound. For adding punch to the music played by the users, they have brought the Mega-Bass model into the markets.

Depending upon the models, the sound pressure of the device varies between 102dB/mW and 110dB/mW.  It will be incorporated with a 10mm driver and the dynamic sound range of all the earphones in the CLEF-P series is 20-20000Hz.

Each model is offered with a choice of 3 colors and each will be available in four different sizes. It will be launched in the markets on December 20th 2010, but the pricing details of these are not yet confirmed.

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