Walmart goes to Silicon Valley with an aim to take on Amazon

October 22, 2013, By Anupam Jolly

In the recent years, retail giant Walmart has raised its efforts largely in order to compete with online powerhouse Amazon. Earlier, Walmart has tried to take on Amazon with the price wars and the standards of delivery service.

Walmart goes to Silicon Valley with an aim to take on Amazon


However, the current figures clearly show that Walmart is lagging far behind in the online shopping game. In order to catch up fast, the retail giant has turned to Silicon Valley in order to rope in the best tech talent.

Keeping in mind the fierce competition from the rivals, the country’s largest retailer has started @WalmartLabs, its dot-com headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Walmart is trying to learn the technology business and is focusing on creating vibrant office environment like other startups in Silicon Valley. The company’s San Bruno office is trying to lure talented engineers by providing foosball tables and treadmill workstations.

Moreover, they have replaced sandwiches with asparagus panna cotta and have named the conference rooms after celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Walmart also has plans to open a new office near Yahoo’s head office in Silicon Valley.

Walmart and Amazon are battling it hard over e-commerce and are trying to hire the most talented e-commerce workforce. Both the companies believe that the future of commerce is the combination of both the online and retail shopping.

Earlier this year, Walmart hired 150 people from respected companies like eBay and Yahoo. Now, Walmart has realized the stiff competition it is facing from Amazon and is trying to increase its presence in Silicon Valley.

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