Entourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook announced; Specs, Price & Release Date

November 12, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

Entourage has, at last officially introduced its Pocket eDGe – a device that combines the functionalities of a touchscreen tablet, e-reader and notepad. It was available for pre-order at Amazon for a while, but now it has got really official with a $399 price tag.

Entourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook announced; Specs, Price & Release Date

This compact device is WiFi-enabled and is touted as the smallest dualbook available in the market weighing only 24 ounces. It features hinged LCD and E-Ink dual screens. The device is capable of running both the screens simultaneously to cater to the needs of the users.

With a 7” LCD screen, it runs the Android operating system, with a bunch of useful in-built apps. This dualbook also has a 6” E-Ink screen for viewing e-books and documents in EPUB and PDF format.

It is compatible with the included stylus helping users to mark up documents, make notes, etc. The e-book store of Entourage offers more than 250,000 trade books and the titles in the public domain for the readers in addition to music tracks.

The device which has built-in speakers, microphone and a USB-Video adapter, can be adjusted ergonomically for easy reading. It will be available this month itself at major online retailers.

Check out the video to take a peek at what is coming your way.

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  • Allan P

    I’m looking for reviews with technical specs. Details like what version of Android, how much onboard storage, memory, and processor. No one seems to be forthcoming with these details.