Windows Phone 7 Devices Rolled Out in the US

November 8, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

US carriers have started to sell Windows Phone 7 devices today as expected. The HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus is listed under the AT&T line-up, but it is only HTC HD7 that falls under T-Mobile. It has been confirmed that the Dell Venue Pro and the LG Quantum will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Windows Phone 7 Devices Rolled Out in the US

Interestingly, all the devices come with a price-tag of $200 on a contract.

This release is significant for Microsoft as the smartphone market has become competitive than ever before. The Windows Mobile was actually turned down a bit with the newer versions of iPhone coming out and the Android trend almost took the best part of the markets.

The new Windows Phone 7 is crafted with a more advanced media player, a true touchscreen interface and an accurate multi-touch web browser. Although designed for corporate uses, with the addition of such features similar to the personal-oriented phones, they expect to gain more users.

The first reviews have evoked a positive response but the users have also reported a rough experience with the first wave of devices. The absence of copy-and-paste text and a lack of landscape modes are highlighted as some of the facts that contributed towards the unpleasant experience.

But still they are expected to get a good move in the market and the decision by Dell to replace all the BlackBerry devices owned by its staff with WP7 Dell Venue Pro may give them an excellent initial pull.

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