Android Jelly Bean Turns New Favorite for Google Fans

August 3, 2013, By Sanjeev

Latest statistics from Google show that a majority of Android users are now using its latest Jelly Bean version. Figures from Google points to 40.5 percent devices now running the Jelly Bean platform, which is much higher, compared to 33 percent running Gingerbread.

Android Jelly Bean Turns New Favorite for Google Fans

The statistics, collected by Google, reveal that just 6.5 percent devices run the latest 4.2 version, showing a growth from 5.6 percent in June. The data collected from devices when users visit the Google Play store for downloading apps, has thrown up significant results for Google to mull over.

According to the figures, Jelly Bean has become more popular than Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich OS variants. Ice Cream Sandwich is in the third place, running on 22.5 percent of devices.

Earlier, Gingerbread was at the No.1 slot with a majority of devices running it. But from 36 percent devices using it in June, it has now declined to the current position. Earlier, developers had faced the problem of fragmentation from Google, which made it difficult to develop applications. But now with the latest version running in majority of devices; it is easy for developers to build applications.

The figures are encouraging for Google, since more users are using the latest versions. Android is now working in their new Android 4.3, which was announced last month. The new version has features like multi user accounts, support for Bluetooth smart technology and more. This makes increase in number of Jelly Bean running devices to more than 50% of the total.

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