LG IPS Series 6 Super 1080p LCD Displays Unveiled

October 29, 2010, By Sanjeev

LG has added two new LED displays to its product line-up with the unveiling of the IPS 6 series at a press conference in Japan. The new displays, the IPS226V and the IPS236V, use high quality IPS LCD panels which are famous for their performance in high-end devices like the iPhone 4. The IPS226V comes with a 21.5” screen while the IPS236V comes with a 23” screen.

LG IPS Series 6 Super 1080p LCD Displays Unveiled

According to the company, the response time of the two models is 6 milliseconds. Moreover, a high Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) of 5,000,000:1 produces detail- rich visuals. With 1920×1080 resolution and 250 nits of brightness, the IPS 6 series displays give perfect visual experience.

The HDMI port in these devices will allow you to fit the displays with a range of HDMI compatible devices. Reduced power consumption and a 178 degree viewing angle add to the luster of these displays. The base is specially designed to give safe balance to the display at different surfaces.

The IPS226V will be launched in November while the IPS236V will take one more month to hit Japanese markets. No clue about the prices so far.

Source: Akihabaranews

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