AOC Unveils Ultra Thin LED Razor Displays

October 27, 2010, By Sanjeev

AOC has introduced its ultra thin monitor-Razor LED series with stunningly sleek monitors of just 1.29 cm thickness. Exemplifying the power of minimalist design, especially in white shades, they feature the latest LED technology for perfection.

AOC Unveils Ultra Thin LED Razor Displays

The new line-up has six widescreen models ranging from 18.5” to 23” with 16:9 aspect ratio. The LED technology used in these displays brings down the energy usage compared to other displays of the same size.

To keep the minimalistic design spotless, AOC has replaced the usual buttons with touch sensitive keys. The keys situated on the bottom of the display light up as soon as a finger approaches them.

The displays in this series feature high Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) of 50,000,000:1 delivering rich details of the visuals on display. The displays boast a flashing 5 milliseconds response time even while handling high graphic content.

The versatile base mount can be adjusted conveniently. If folded backwards, it can even become a wall bracket which can fix the display on the wall.

AOC has been keen on being eco-friendly with their new product line-up. They are mercury-free and the whole packaging materials used are recyclable. As said earlier, the energy saving LED technology puts even the 23” display to work with just 28 watts.

The AOC Razor displays are currently shipping in Europe with US shipping and pricing details forthcoming.

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