‘Iron Man 3′ new trailer released, watch video

March 8, 2013, By Saanvi Sonariya

MTV website has reported on March 6, 2013 the release of the latest trailer of “Iron Man 3″ in which Tony Stark’s has to face his deadliest adversary to date ‘The Mandarin’.

Iron Man 3 new trailer released, watch video

Directed by Shane Black, the Robert Downey Jr. starrer is a follow up to Marvel Studios previous outing “The Avengers”. The trailer starts with Tony Stark alias Ironman wondering that even though he builds neat stuff and has got a great girl, occasionally saving the world, why can’t he sleep?.

The first half of the trailer is devoted in establishing the Mandarin, a dangerous force terrorizing the world. The president of the United States calling that Mandarin must be stopped.

But not to be stopped so easily, The Mandarin’s threatens specifically Tony. The world is watching for Stark’s reaction as his seaside home is destroyed.

The trailer also shows Tony’s new suit that forms around him faster than ever before and the Hulkbuster armor which may be indicating the appearance of Mark Ruffalo in “Iron Man 3″.

Watch the trailer video.

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