Samsung Galaxy S4 to be released on March 14? Check review and price

March 6, 2013, By Sanjeev

Rumors have been pointing to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the near future,  and we have already been fed with many grapevine buzz on it. Among the most enthusiastic ones have been the rumors on the specs that the device would carry along.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 to be released on March 14? Check review and price

A rumor roundup done by guys at TapScape on March 5th talks all about the device and the specs it would boast of. One of those speculative talk hints at the Galaxy S4 sporting an octo-core processor, though many others still are satisfied with the quad-core stuff and the flexible displays.

Those who speak of the octo-core processor in the S4 vouch for it. This could be true too as we had seen Sammy displaying the chipset at the last CES. All we now need to confirms whether Samsung will have enough time to test and implement the octo-cores in time for the release of the Galaxy S4.

We have also stumbled upon reports that talk of the S4 carrying 3GB of RAM and also a new GPU chip as an add-on so as to boost to graphics performance. Going through the rumor list, we also see the mention of flexile displays, but we are not very keen on believing it as flexible displays on the S4  may not be on the Samsung agenda for the moment. However, the screen real estate on the S4 is sure to be awesome.

We now need to wait to see what kind of a price tag Samsung would attach to the device. As the Galaxy S series phones currently come for around $200 for a 16 GM variant and around $250 for a 32 GB variant, we need to guess the pricing for the S4 too might be on those lines. However, we can’t be  so sure until Samsung brings it out officially. Stay tuned.

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