Walmart Gearing Up to Sell Apple iPad Next Week

October 11, 2010, By Alexandru Ion

The US retail giant will be selling the Apple iPad is no big secret, but what everyone wants to know is the precise time when the iPad will be in Wally stores across the US. A leaked document is now suggesting that Walmart could end up selling the Apple iPad as early as next week. This will put the experts into confusion who were thinking that Walmart will not put the iPad on the shelves before the holiday season.

Walmart Gearing Up to Sell Apple iPad Next Week

The leaked internal e-mail also suggests that Walmart will be selling all six variants of the current generation iPad which includes the WiFi and 3G options in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. Wally will keep the Apple iPad fanatics interested with a number of iPad accessories such as the iPad camera connect on sale.

[Courtesy: Intomobile]

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