Lamborghini G2 Steps Up Stratgey to Take on Ferrari F12

February 15, 2013, By Sanjeev

Luxury sports car maker Lamborghini is all set to unveil their new Lamborghini G2. Tipped as a rival to the Ferrari F12, the official unveiling of  the Lambo G2 will happen at the Geneva Motor Show on the 5th of  March, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

Lamborghini G2 Steps Up Stratgey to Take on Ferrari F12

This four-wheel drive, front or mid-engined car with V12 engine will have  2 doors and 2 seats  like the Ferrari F12. The company will look for attention at the Geneva Motor Show with their new car and innovation plans.

Chairman Stephan Winkelmann announced their new venture aiming at entering the green technology phase is progressing with their Urus SUV, future vehicle from them.

They are refreshing their strategies towards lower carbon emission through solar energy. Though it seems a strange move from them as they used to be the largest CO2 emitters, it needs to be seen as extremely awesome.

Let’s hope for their early arrival in the green technology scenario with a targeted sale of 3000- 4000 cars a year.

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